It had orignally been Tommy Mottola's idea to bring in David Cole and Robert Clivilles. It was a given that that the new album would repeat the successful formula of mixing ballads and dance music, and who better for the dance music than the hottest team in the country. "Emotions" became one of the four Carey-Cole-Clivilles collaborations and the first single, although it wasn't originally planned as the first single, that was going to be "You're so cold".

Both Mariah and Clivilles came up with separate ideas for "Emotions", the title of which paid homage to the 1970s girl group best known for their collaboration with Earth Wind and Fire for "Best of my love" and "Boogie wonderland". They borrowed the celebratory feel of those records, but stopped short as Mariah put it of "stealing the damn record... we're not dumb".

"Emotions" was premiered by Mariah at the eighth annual MTV Awards ceremony in September and its rapturous reception must have been music to the ears of anyone in Columbia fretting about Carey's ability to manage without her usual co-writer. "Emotions" made it five Number 1's in a row on its release in mid October. It beat the Jackson Five's 21 year old record of four US chart-toppers in their first four releases - a fact that was much a thrill for the two former DJs as it was for the girl who sang the song. "Working with Mariah was fun," Cole revealed. "Robert and I came up with a whole bunch of grooves. If this worked, cool, if this doesn't work, next. We would all come together and decide..."

According to People Weekly, "Emotions" has an irresistibly bouncy bass line and a Carey's signature vocal trick - soaring high notes that most singers couldn't reach from the top of the Empire State Building.

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